Textured sterling silver Farrah gemstone ring


Oxidized sterling silver textured, open band ring with round gemstone center, currently available in faceted blue lapis lazuli (9.5mm) or grey pearl (9mm). The Farrah ring is bold in style, yet light and easy to wear.

Currently a size 8, but can be special ordered in a size 7.


Also available for Special Order with other gemstone or pearl types.  Please contact shop for details. Prices and order times vary from ring to ring.


Lapis Lazuli- December birthstone, 5-6 hardness on Mohs Scale. 

From AGTA.org: The timeless paintings of the Renaissance period are a testament to the beauty of lapis lazuli. Master artists of this time used the intense blue gem as the secret ingredient in ultramarine—a precious blue pigment able to evoke everything from the deepest seas to the robes of the Virgin Mary.

Lapis lazuli’s pigment remained inimitable until 1834, and even today, many argue that there is no substitute for its intensity.

A dark blue microcrystalline gemstone, lapis lazuli is composed primarily of the mineral lazurite. Frequently, it can be found sparkling with golden pyrite inclusions.

Pearls- June birthstone, 3.5-4 hardness on Mohs Scale. 

From AGTA.org: No sparkling gemstone or glittering jewel has fascinated people for thousands of years quite like the pearl. Signifying purity and virtue, love and wisdom, power and status: pearls were believed to emanate mystical, healing powers. Roman women slept with pearls to sweeten their dreams. Asian cultures ground them into powder for remedies and skin treatments. Undoubtedly, many an ill can be eased with beautiful pearls!

Pearls also have a history as the wedding gem. Ancient Hindu writings tell the story of Krishna, the protector, who gathered pearls from the sea to give to his daughter on her wedding day—the start of a centuries-old tradition of pearls as the perfect adornment of the bride. To this day, pearls are a personal favorite of brides, as well as a treasured wedding gift from parent or partner to signify love.


A Note on Jewelry Care:

Think of your new piece of jewelry as a wearable work of art. We know you want to get as much wear out of it as possible, so here are a few tips on keeping your jewelry sparkling and safe for years to come. You may think that because it’s made of metal, jewelry can handle rough wear and tear. This isn’t true. The metals used to make jewelry are soft and can stretch or crack Always be sure to remove your jewelry before any house or yard cleaning, before outdoor activities or at work if you use your hands a lot. Never expose your jewelry to harsh chemicals like bleach, chlorine or solvents. It’s also a a good idea to have your jewelry checked and cleaned by a professional once or twice per year.

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